Student-Centered Activities


How Today's Technology can support these strategies

  1. Make student more active in acquiring knowledge and skills
  2. Make the student more aware of what they are doing and why they are doing it
  3. Focus on interaction during the learning process
  4. Focus on transferable skills
  5. Focus on problem solving (problem based learning)
  6. Create opportunities for collaborative learning
How to Read Like a Professor

Interactive Activities
Read Write Think Activities
Math -
AAA Math
IXL Math Practice Site
Language Arts
ReadWrite Think Printing Press
Project Based Activities
Center for Innovation in Science and Engineering
Space Day
Flat Classroom
Flat Classroom Ning
Nature Mapping
Literature Learning Ladders

Netbook Ideas
Interesting Ways to use Netbooks in the Classroom
Web Apps and Netbooks

Jing Math Example

Additional Resources
Free Teaching and Learning Resources from Federal Agencies
The Classroom - Tons of great educational resources